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To everyone at Thompson Kane:  My wife CJ and I cannot thank you enough!  I have to begin by saying that our rep Shannon Reville (NMLS 703818) was beyond fantastic.  I could make this a 20 page review with all the wonderful things she did for us, but lets just hit the high points:  She was always there for us, anytime of the day or night. She responded promptly, if not immediately to any call, text, email or question that we had. This meant so much.  She worked so hard to make it happen for us... 


I am not sure that any other rep could have done what she did.  She reassured us constantly, telling us again and again that we would get the loan and the house when I was certain that we wouldn't. It may seem silly, but she held my hand and patted my back when I needed it the most.


She was honest and forthcoming, she did not hide anything from us, she was extremely friendly (and quite funny--I really needed her humor at times!) and really went above and beyond to get us our house. Again, I could go on for hours, but she truly is one of the best people we have ever worked with.  If she represents the company (and I believe she does) then I could not recommend TK more. We thank you (and Shannon!) from the bottom of our hearts.   


CJ & Jason Meier

Very professional and diligent. Wes and team were patient with me and helped ensure that I got the best deal and I also understood everything associated with the mortgage loan. Definitely one of the best in Dane County.

I needed to refi my Colorado mountain home and found Todd Rubick with Thompson and Kane. Todd went out of his way to make sure I had the right services and product to best suite my needs. I was able to have the cash to repaint and do several other needed repairs. Thompson and Kane supported me through the whole process. Their on line services and direct human contact balance in support, allowed me to do things on my own time. I have been very pleased with my choice to refi with them.

Cynthia Elkins 

My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Patrick from Thompson Kane & Company while in the process of buying a very unique home. The home was being used a commercial business at the time of our purchase, although was originally built in the 1920's as a single family home. Securing a mortgage on this home was a challenging process - we were turned away by our original lender as they were not able to offer flexibility while we waited for the next zoning hearing by the city to allow our home to be reverted back to single-family use. Honestly, I am thrilled that we hit that roadblock looking back because we may not have met Patrick or secured our loan through Thompson Kane otherwise.
From the zoning changes to the property comps in the appraisal, navigating all the barriers to entry on this property required a special skillset, an impressive attention to detail, and overall dedication that we were not able to find with anyone other than Patrick. He truly served as our champion throughout the home buying process. He answered all our panicked calls when we discovered new challenges, even well after-hours in some instances; went above an beyond by holding several long conversations with our seller and appraiser to develop a strategy to ensure the house would be considered a single-family home; and he even held several discussions with the Director of Planning & Development for the City to find us the right zoning amendment to fit the future city plan and our intentions for the home.
We are first-time homebuyers, but we are not naive enough to assume this level of support is ordinary - Patrick routinely went beyond the call of duty, and we deeply appreciate all the help he provided us in this process. He exemplifies customer service - we never once felt unsupported and we always felt like we understood where we were in the process, which is a testament to his ability to break-down complex situations in a way that's natural for others to understand. I strongly recommend Thompson Kane for all mortgage needs and rave about how much of a partner they were during our home buying process to anyone that will listen! If you are reading this while looking for a lender, look no further!
Wow!! These guys are incredible! I am a first time home buyer and was really worried about buying my first home. Thompson Kane took real good care of me and explained the whole process and what to expect. I was expecting a very stressful and long drug out process and that was not the case. They pretty much took my hand and guided me through the very smooth path of buying my first house. I am super please with the service provided. If you are looking for a very easy process of buying a home Thompson Kane is the best choice! A++++!!!
If you are a first time home buyer like me, or just looking for a good mortgage loan expert who can ensure an easy process, I would highly recommend Thomas Kane mortgage Loans. I worked with Wes Kane and he made the process easy, stress free and seamless! Thanks again!

Lori Sillah - Client of Wes Kane

I did over 200 mailers with the sales marketing piece that you gave me I tried to take a picture of it with my cell phone but it was too blury  and unclear but everybody who reads this will know that you are the best first person to go for a loan your bright you're brilliant your quick you're honest and you have a great deal of integrity thank you so much for all the help you've given me and all of my past clients, Thanks Dio!



Pam Shircel

Our new home purchase went perfectly with Tammy Nolan. She was truly a pleasure to work with. I have already recommended her to several friends and family members. 2 thumbs up!! LOAN STATUS - Closed Jun 2017 LOAN TYPE - Purchase CLOSE ON TIME - Yes INTEREST RATE - Lower than expected CLOSING COSTS - Lower than expected

Roy from Saint Paul, MO

"We have bought several houses over the last few years from our primary home to our second home with Wes, and would recommend him to everyone."

by Ron and Becky S., Madison, WI

"One word sums it up: “unbelievable.” I went to several different banks in the Madison area and couldn’t get the financing I needed to buy the home of my dreams. A co-worker referred me to Wes and I thought it would be a waste of time and low and behold he put the numbers together to get me approved on my home. I would only recommend Wes at Tk. Thanks."

by Dave B., Madison, WI

"Wes had outstanding follow through and was fantastic with details and brought expertise to make the purchase of our house seamless and simple."

James and Kelli D., Madison, WI

"Good morning, My name is Jesus Gonzalez and the reason of this email is say how grateful I am for service provided by Dio Gonzalez. She helped me and Adrian to become a first time home owners. The professionalism and dedication of Dio is awesome and beyond limits. She put attention to every details of our situation and was able to provide accurate information from day one. Because this is our first time buying a home, we did not know how the process was, but after doing some research and comparing other people's situation (random scenarios), I realized that Dio did an amazing job.

I read how some people takes months to close and others can't even close a home. I thought that it was a little stressful towards the end but not even close to others as I found on the web. Now I know that we were in great hands and Dio had everything under control. I can't thank you all enough. Thank you for having a great person in your company. I am very sure that others will be happy as I am with the help of Dio Gonzalez and am happy to provide a great review for Thompson Kane and Company. P.S. We are not related in any way. We have same last name but no relation. I guess all Gonzalez rock! :) Thank you,"

by Jesus Gonzalez

"We were extremely pleased with our first encounter with the Thomson Kane Company and their rep, Patrick Averill. Everything explained and offered was delivered as promised. No added anythings, and the costs were as promised or less. I recommend this to anyone who is looking to finance or refinance their property. Thanks Pat."

by James P.

"To whom it may concern; I just wanted to write this email to acknowledge the awesome Dio Gonzalez. I was able to purchase my first home last month and I am so happy to say that I chose the best team in Milwaukee. I struggled for so long with the confidence to make this significant decision in my life, and Dio was always guiding me through the process and reassuring me that everything was going to be OK. I am so grateful to her, her professionalism as well as her work ethic were just admirable. It didn't matter if it was late at night, the weekend or during work hours, she was always available to clarify my doubts and concerns. Thanks so much for everything you did Dio and for making this process as smooth as possible. Thompson and Kane should be really happy to have such a gem in their team!! Great Job!!

by Nivi Rivera

"This was by far the easiest re-finance I've ever had. I never had to leave my house...Patrick traveled to my house and came when I was available! Awesome, quick service. Thanks very much for the great experience!"

by Cherri V.